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Unfortunately, the Webroot anti-virus tool and Refog software are currently fully incompatible.

The anti-virus damaged the program even if it’s added to its own list of exceptions. We are working on solving this issue.

If you want to use Refog, you should consider using another anti-virus tool.


If an attempt is made to download Refog, the anti-virus deletes the downloaded file and shows a corresponding message.

You can open the main window of Webroot and click the "Settings" icon in the "PC Security" section (circled in red).

Go to the "Block\Allow Files" tab and check “Allow” boxes opposite the blocked Refog program files.

Once done, you can download the installation package from the official Refog site again – the anti-virus will not remove it now.

However, the anti-virus will report false detections when the Refog installer is launched. Uncheck the "Remove" box in all the dialogs and click "Continue".

After that, check the "Allow" box and click "Next".

Refog installation will terminate and you will see a corresponding message.

You can now open the settings of the anti-virus again and switch to the "Quarantine" tab.

Select all the files quarantined by the anti-virus during Refog installation and click the "Restore" button.

After that, you can go to the "Block\Allow Files" tab and set the "Allow" property for all these files (there will be quite a few of them there).

You can now run Refog installation again. It will install, but the anti-virus won’t let it work normally and will remove it every 10 minutes.

Our developers are working on a solution for this problem.

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