Norton Internet Security


The latest versions of Norton Antivirus block and remove Refog applications considering them as spyware so you need to configure this antivirus software before you download and install Refog Personal Monitor.

Before you download and install Refog Personal Monitor, open the tray menu of the antivirus software and Disable Auto-Protect option by clicking the corresponding item.


After you download and install Refog Personal Monitor, do the following:
Open the main antivirus window and click the Settings button.
Click the Antivirus settings.
Click on Scan and Risks tab.
Click the Configure [+] button next to the Items to Exclude from Scans.

Add these folders to the exclusion rules:


If you’re running 64-bit version of Windows, then this folder should be excluded as well:

Save the settings and close the window by clicking the ОК button.
Do the same for Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection.

Open Refog program and enable hidden mode: go to «Settings» > «Invisibility» section and enable «Hide everywhere» option.

Now restart the computer and Enable Auto-Protect

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