Setting Up Email Delivery


This option is not available in Refog Personal Monitor starting from version
If you need to send logs by email or using other methods, please contact technical support to obtain the old version of the program.

Refog Online Dashboard is now available for Personal Monitor.
Your private dashboard shows you data from all devices with Refog app installed!
Here is a tutorial how to activate your device: Refog Online Dashboard 

 To set up log emailing, you need to start the program and select the “Delivery” command from the “Settings” panel on the left. The following window will open:


In the “Delivery” field, check the “E-Mail” box. A field will open prompting for email account settings:




Enter the necessary email address in the “E-Mail” field.

Specify the subject of report emails in the “Subject” field (or you can leave the default value).

Different subjects are usually used for collecting reports from several computers. The program can automatically add the computer and user names to the email subject field. To do that, use %c (computer name) and %u (user name) placeholders.

For instance, if the name of your computer is HomePC, the user name is User, and the “Subject” field has “Log %c - %u” in it, the subject of a report email will be “Log HomePC – User”.

Enter the email address of the sender in the “E-mail sender” field. In most cases, it matches the address specified in the “E-mail” field.

A separate field for the sender’s address was added for the confidentiality of users’ reports. If you configure the reports to be sent from your email address to another (or same) address that you have access to, the emails will take the shortest route (in most cases, in an encrypted form). Therefore, neither we nor anybody else but you can access them.

Use the “SMTP host” and “SMTP port” fields to enter your email service connection parameters. They can be found in the help section of their official websites. Parameters for the most popular email services are provided in the table below:


Service (the link will open a corresponding help page) SMTP host SMTP port, 465,,,, 465 or 587,,, 587 or 25 587 or 25 587 587, 587


The “Account” field contains the username of the mail account used for log emailing. Please note: the majority of email services require a full email address for the username, e.g. “”, not just “user”. The only exception is service.

Enter the password for the email account to be used in the “Password” field.

The program needs this password to send reports from your mailbox. It is stored in the program settings and is never sent anywhere. Please note: if you change the password in the future, you will also have tp re-enter it in the program to carry on with log emailing.

Once all the fields have been filled out, click the “Test” button. The program will send a test message using your settings. If the settings are incorrect, the program will show and error message.

The most common errors:

  1. Incorrect authentication data”. This notification tells you that the username and password are incorrect and the mail server refuses to send the message.
  2. "Connection error: Сonnected timed out”. In most cases, this is caused by an anti-virus tool blocking the send attempt (often by NOD32), but sometimes it is a firewall or other applications, whose settings must be changed.
  3. The report emailing function is disabled when the trial period expires and no license key is entered.


If you cannot configure report emailing, please contact our technical support service.

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